Magnesite Small Chunky Beads

Magnesite is magnesium carbonate

It can be Colorless, White, Grayish white, Yellowish white, Brownish white.  It has an Earthy, Dull, clay-like texture with no visible crystalline affinities.  It has a distinctly fibrous fine grained granular texture common in granite and other igneous rock.  Igneous rock is formed through the cooling and solidification of magma or lava.  It is Brittle and when broken can produce Conchoidal fragments.   Conchoidal describes the way that brittle materials break when they do not follow any natural planes of separation. Magnesite can also be formed from metasomatism in skarn deposits, in dolomitic limestone, associated with wollastonite, periclase, and talc.  Magnesite is also found in a number of Precambrian carbonate hosted sediments, and is thought to have formed as an evaporite.  Magnesite occurs as veins in and an alteration product of ultramafic rocks, serpentinite and other magnesium rich rock types in both contact and regional metamorphic terranes.

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