About Us

To make a long story short we started Funky Chunky Beads as a result of having to go to several different bead retailers just to get enough stuff to make a single necklace. 

Many trips were wasted as a result of most retailers do not stock in depth. We searched the internet only to disappointed by poor quality because we were unable to touch and feel in person. 

Most internet sites use postage stamp size low resolution pictures that were in most cases 2 shades off the real color. Determining size was a challenge. We then decided that our only way to have supplies was to be our own supplier. Finally we sought out importers only to find that in order to make direct purchases we would have to buy in volume that was far beyond our personal needs. We decided that the only way to solve that problem was to retail and wholesale beads through our store and over the internet. 

We also made the decision to sell what people wanted and not necessarily what made the most money. Since we liked high quality beads we decided to stock and offer the highest quality beads we could find. We offer one of a kind strands of natural stones. We loved the natural beauty of Agate, Quartz and Jaspers. We also wanted to be a one stop supplier so customers could fill their needs from one store. That is how it started  10 years ago.